This is why I am not wasting my time

Welcome back!

Today I feel polemical and I want to answer to all those people that 2 years ago said ” Well, if you had to be a nanny, you could have stayed in Italy”. I read many stories of girls complaining that their parents do not understand and they think it is just a waste of time. I decided to explain what this wasting of time could give you. Read carefully..

Let’s say that I came here to be a nanny, and so? I did not like Italian kids and I wanted to try with the American ones ahhaha. Just kidding, all kids are cute and nice ( now all the au pairs reading my blog will be laughing). I was saying something else btw. Why do people have to care about what others do? Why do they have to care if I decide to go to Spain, Brazil, Japan to sell fidget spinners?

Did you get it? Everyone is free to do whatever she\he wants and moreover, hats off to us  that had the courage to leave! 

Many people think it is a wasting of time, a mistake. Leaving our own house, our country, our family to “experience other countries“. Some of us gave up on the school, others on their jobs to try something new. I know, it can be hard for a parent to accept the idea of a son leaving, especially if they are not done with school. Well, everything we think to have lost or left leaving, will be found again! We do not lose anything, we only win. On all fronts.

Speaking about my personal experience, I can say that being a “nanny”, as the haters call us, gave me so much, even more than I was expecting. I travelled, I visited, I discovered, I tasted, I met, I dreamt. Think about those places that you only know thanks to movies, places that seem unreal and impossible to reach. Being a nanny allowed me to visit some of them and even live in others. I’ll show you some of them..



Everyone would agree if I say that one of the most important things when we live abroad is meeting new friends. If you have been will understand me. The relatioships that start during these years are special, strong, profound because we share the same life, the same feelings, the same fears; we can talk about the same topic ( without annoying them) and these friends will be our family. In these months I met amazing people from all over the world, friends that will always have a place in my heart, friends that I want to meet again somewhere in the world. Knowing people from all over the world is an endless source of curiosity, you always discover new culture and habits, they teach you something about them and you can teach them something about your own country. You will not forget your old friends, the ones “from home”. There will be that friend that will never call you or text you, you will be disappointed by some friends that will forget about you as soon as your plane takes off. But you will also find out which ones were true friends.

But the winner is..the awareness that you have changed. Yes, you did change! You look behind and you see how much you have accomplished all by yourself, you see that you are not the same person you were when you left. When we are alone, in a foreign country, even with a different language, no one is there to help you, no one will give you the answers but you will have to find them getting out from your comfort zone. You become independent, brave, confident and this is something that no one can take from you, not even when you will go back home.

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