How life changes after living abroad

Hello everyone,

I know, it looked like I forgot about you but that is not true. Even though I have not posted for almost a year, I have been always monitoring the blog and I was surprised to see that people kept reading it and that I was still receiving emails from readers interested in knowing more about the au pair program. My New Year’s resolution was to start writing again and, trust me, I have tried so many times. I experienced the real meaning of the writer’s block.

The reason why I could not write was not hard not find out. Once I came back to Italy my life came back to be normal. I have hung up my luggage, found a job that kept me busy most of the time and started to hang out with the same old friends in the same old places. Everything was really monotonous and way far from my life in the US. But I had changed so much in those years away from home…I looked at the pictures of me travelling and in those shots I saw a completely different person. A little Milena who travelled with her selfie stick and a small backpack and jumped from a plane to another. Adventurous, dynamic, extroverted, curious, happy…I decided to be again that person, starting a new adventure. But we will talk about that later.

After this very long introduction, let’s come back to the main topic of this post. How life changes after living abroad? Obviously, not everyone feels the same about that. Personally, that really turned my life upside-down. This is why..

The world suddenly becomes small. After living in the US, a HUGE country, nothing seems far anymore. Just take a plane and you can go anywhere you want. A friend of mine once told me that the world is our home and that is exactly how I feel right now.

New habits. This is something that always makes me smile. I wonder how it is possible that, even if I only lived abroad for two years, there are some small and big habits that are now part of my routine. I want to tell you this example because it really happens everyday and when it happens I always look up to the sky and think oh man! When I lived in LA I was lucky enough to drive two very technological cars and I did not need the key to start them. My car in Italy is from 2008 but try to guess what I always do. I open the car door, put the key back inside my purse, sit down and wait those 3-4 seconds before realizing how dumb I am. Moreover, my mom usually says that I still eat like an American, just cause I love avocado sandwich and sausages for breakfast.

“I have already done it”. The first time you travel or live abroad can be scary, but after you try this adventure nothing is new anymore. When people ask me if I am worried about leaving again, I just think ” what’s the matter? I’ve already done it”. There are so many things that I thought I would have never been able to do, such as sleeping in a hostel and sharing the bathroom with 10 strangers. But I did it. The first experience will help you with the future ones, everything will seem easier. This time I am leaving with a different maturity and with a tranquility that I did not have three years ago.

A new mentality. Living abroad gives you the opportunity to know different cultures. Meeting people from all over the world helped me to challenge myself experiencing different habits, ideas and lifestyles. In English, they say being open-minded and I think that this is one of the best virtues that a human being can have. Unfortunately, and it is very sad, this is not an attitude that I find in the Italian people. I have become so intolerant to this closed mentality that it is really hard to be around here.

New ways to express yourself. If you know me, you should know how much I love languages. I am never too sick to learn something new and I think that having the chance to use a language that is not your own is incredibly cool. I rather use English, I feel like it is more appropriate for my personality right now. On the other side, I am seriously having problems in Italian; I have so many doubts about the right verbs to use and I keep inventing new words. That is hilarious because I remember how meticulous I was about using the correct grammar.

In these days I am getting ready for my new trip and I could not be more excited 🙂

Stay tuned!


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