625 days ago..

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog🙂

Where am I writing from? I’m writing from the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. How did I end up living here? That’s exactly what I’m gonna tell you in this blog. But let start from the beggining. My name is written up there on the left and until 2 years ago I lived in a small village close to Florence, Italy. I went to college and I worked as a Zumba instructor. A boring life, nothing exciting to add.

I would like to remember to exact day when I started dreaming about leaving. I don’t remember that but I remember how it went. A short paragraph in a newspaper saying ” Living 1 year in America for free”, the researches online and the curiosity of knowing more. It was just a paragraph, few lines. Can that be true? I trusted those lines and now I am here to tell you about that.

Why do I only start to write now? Because my experience is almost over and I have so much to remember that I don’t want to forget anything. I want to share, with who will want to read my story, what I experienced and ( why not)  inspire someone to dream big, just like I did 625 days ago.

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